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Payment Gateways and card charging

We are sure most of you are familiar with buying a ticket for an event or a 'gig' online or by phone.  Maybe you have used Eventbrite, Ticketmaster or some other ticket agent.  These ticket agents charge an admin fee to the ticket seller, and pass on a card transaction fee (the avg is 2%) to the purchasers ticket price.  E.g. ticket @ £100 + 2% = £102.00  will be taken from the ticket purchasers debit/credit card. 

Event Owl works in exactly the same way.  

We charge an admin fee to the organiser to list their event and process bookings through us, and we pass on a card transaction fee (1.4% +20p%) to an exhibitors debit/credit card dependent upon the total cost of their stand.  This is refunded if the stand order is refunded, dependent upon the % of the refund.

There are NO hidden surcharges on Event Owl card payment transactions, be this debit or credit card.  Therefore the new 2018 ban on surcharges on debit and credit cards will not affect Event Owl.  

Further information on how the UK's card processing system works, is available on the Internet.

In essence the card payment fee paid is for the convenience of having more time on your hands.  Once you've completed one form in full, the process will only take around 2 minutes the next time you wish to book a stand.  You'll have access to your information, all in an organised manner, at anytime, with not a piece of paper in sight.