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Payment Gateways and card charging

Event Owl is a debit/credit card only processing website.  This reduces the labour costs involved for providing our online services, so that you, the trader, can benefit from a centralised booking system, which reduces the subsequent, repetitive nature of trade stand applications.  

We strongly encourage all event organsiers to absorb the card processing fee, many select to pass this on to the trader.

If this is the case a card transaction fee of between 1.2% + 20p and 1.9% + 20p, pending your card type, is added to your order.  This is taken from your card upon approval by the event organiser concerned.  This card processing fee is refunded if the stand order is refunded, the sum is dependent upon the % of the refund given.  

If you pay a deposit, half the card fee will be taken on the first payment, the remainder on the second.

We do not make any profit from providing this card payment service. 

Further information on how the UK's card processing system works for business purposes, which is what these transactions are, is available on the Internet.