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Public Liability insurance upload or change

Good organisers will require that you are insured for public liability when you apply for a trade stand. In fact most Organisers whose event is insured will need your Public Liability Insurance to satisfy their own insurers.  

  • Sign in/Register
  • Click on the Exhibitors tab
  • Select My Exhibitor Profile
  • Scroll down the page.
  • In the four boxes provided under Insurance Details, enter/amend your: Insurers company name, your policy number, amount covered for and the renewal date. The date is what we use to send your reminder emails, so please double check this.
  • Using the pink button,upload your PUBLIC LIABILITY insurance policy summary.  Your computers/­devices file library should automatically open (see below to check it displays the information required)
  • Delete the old policy document so it is not sent with the new one.
  • Save your new form by clicking Update profile at the bottom of the page.
  • Event Owl will now send all the organisers you've recently applied to your new informaiton.

The document to upload is the Public Liability schedule/­summary containing:

  • Your name/business name
  • Your policy/­membership number
  • Your renewal dates
  • The underwriter/­insurers name
  • The amount for which you are insured (ideally)
  • The type of events you are covered for would also be very useful.

Did you know

  • You can alternatively send your new details to us to upload, this service costs £2.50+vat and we will call you for payment prior to uploading your information.
  • You can download your insurance details from the site at anytime!
  • We send you public liability insurance reminder emails when its nearing the renewal date due.
  • As soon as you log in to your exhibitor profile and update this information, we will automatically update the lists of all the organisers you have applied to.  

PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE DETAILS LAPSE ON THE SYSTEM.  The system recognises the renewal date you enter in the date box to send the reminder emails.  We will keep sending you automated reminders until the data box has been changed!  DO NOT EMAIL US - just update the information!

The details and date boxes must match the insurance document you upload. The organiser is perfectly within their rights to subsequently deny your attendance, forfeit all monies paid and sell the stand to someone else if this is not in date by the time of their event.

In principle you cannot apply for an event without being insured for public liability, via Event Owl, unless the Organsier allows another document to be used, this is at their risk entirely. If you have a membership card, we will require a Jpeg/PDF of BOTH sides of the card OR a copy of the insurance cover policy on your membership information.  

If you are a small business and do not have insurance, but trade occasionally, it might be worth checking with your household insurance company to see if you can add this. 

Also, you might need to be covered for Product Liability - check with your insurance company first and add this document to your insurance area.

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