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You cannot use this system without first registering, this is how we save and retrieve for auto filling all your details.

1.Where we ask you to register you will need:

  • your email address - provide us with the one you use regularly so that you do not miss our confirmation emails.
  • your name, address and company name - so we can start to save your data, ready to auto fill your trade stand application forms
  • double check your email address - this MUST be correct, we rely on this data to send you confirmation emails and we would not want you to miss emails from our organisers! Make sure we are not sent to your spam box!

If your email is not being recognised check:

  • Your cap lock is not on
  • You are using a . not a , in the address
  • You're device is storing old cookies - in which case you'll need to clear your cache and cookies

2. A password you can remember (but if you forget, you can easily reset this following the instructions provided in the Sign in area)

You may struggle if have provided us with your sign in details but somehow bypassed part two of the registration process where we ask for your basic business details.  Go back and use the Register area under Sign in.

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