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Can I pay by cheque, faster bank transfer, cash, bacs etc.?

Technology is moving forward at a very fast pace. Online transactions are here to stay.  We will also shortly see the cardless systems take off, so enjoy your cards whilst you can!

Our system not only transfers money from one account to another, via a card payment, but takes this information, plus the breakdown of other financial info and puts it into yours and the organisers dashboards, along with all your application information.  This extra information cuts down the chasing, amending and reconciling at both sides.  

We charge an admin fee of £5.00 to accept cheques and bacs payments. Please call us to be provided with the correct account to send your cheque or bacs payment to.  We then transform this payment, once cleared, into an online payment for you.

We cannot process cash as this does not provide a paperchase for our accountant.  

However, we will be moving with the times, direct bank to bank payments and direct debits, are something our payment gateway provider is trialing so watch this space!

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