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Can I delay my event taking exhibitors yet still promote it on Event Owl?

Yes you can.  But we're not too sure why you'd want to do this as if exhibitors are wanting to book, let them!  We have a Register your interest form too we can use, so you're event can be listed the day after your last event - why not strike whilst the iron is hot and tempt those who've just attended into registering their interest, with the promise of their being first to be informed when your event is open for bookings on Event Owl! We will also do all the confirmation emailing for you when they register.

Also your event will only accept applications according to the dates you have put into the Business Details in Create an Event. When the date comes, we will contact your Registered interest list with a password they can use to access the bookings area for a few days, so they have first 'dibs' and then release the event for bookings to everyone else a few days later or when you want us to. Clever huh?

The registered interest list remains Event Owls until your event is open for bookings with Event Owl - we trust you of course, but as we said in an earlier FAQ we do not share our data with anyone!

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