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Can I delay taking stallholder applications, but still list the event?

Yes you can.  But we're not too sure why you'd want to do this as if exhibitors/­stallholders are wanting to book, allow them!

Your next event can be listed the day after your last one - why not strike whilst the iron is hot and tempt those who've just attended and loved their experience, into taking you up on an early bird discount for your next one? We can set this up for you, or we can show you how.  You just give the code to those you wish to have back and they will apply this at the check point on their order.

Alternatively your event can be promoted and will only start accepting applications according to the sales dates you have put into the Business Details and in your Exhibitor Package area. When the sales start date arrives, up pops the booking form. Clever huh? In the meantime, you can collect interest via a contact form or via email from your accounts webpage.

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