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Can I put my own forms onto Event Owl?

Health and safety specific forms yes, site layout plans yes, but not application forms.

Technology is moving on, and you will, as we found, come across reluctance to change from Exhibitors (they said the same thing with mobile phones!).  However, once your stallholders details are securely saved, they can simply call us up to book a stand, but with smart phone use its as quick and easy to do this themselves if they give it a go.  Once a year we'll send them a reminder to send their new insurance details and we can talk them through this if needs be.

We can also handle paper formats, pro-forma invoices, Bacs and cheques, and convert these into an online application for you (an admin fee is required in most cases).

If you have special extra forms to fill in (usually a Local Authority requirement) you can upload these in the Exhibitor Packages area either in MS Excel, Word or Adobe PDF.

Hopefully we will persuade you that having everything delivered straight to you on your computer/mobile device with no messing about will be far easier! And for your traders too!

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