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Early Bird Discounts and Promotional Codes – how do these work?

You may wish to provide Early Birds or certain loyal exhibitors with some form of discount.  

Within the Exhibitor Package area in Add another Event, we auto generate the code for you at the bottom of that page.  You just give the exhibitor/s the code.  All you have to do is complete the table - either as a % off the total or a set figure, and the dates you want the discount to run from and until.  Save the page!

The exhibitor will then see a box above their order box for your event. They type their promotion code into that box and click the apply button adjacent to it. The order is then recalculated, they then click Apply under the order area to make their payment via the card payment area.  

NOTE:  if you find exhibitors not being able to use their code, this is probably due to the cut off date having been reached or they've already used the code on a previous order, which they've withdrawn or this is an additional order they wish to place. You can set up codes for individual or group users, but ALL codes are set as generic to be used by multiple exhibitors if you so wish.

See Applying discounts and special prices

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