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Help! My event booking form has disappeared from the site!

Worry not, it has just been hidden until you take a bit of action in your dashboard:

  1. You may have not made decisions about exhibitors who have applied so far. Be fair to them and let them know your decision asap as they could be applying for other events!  Sign in and press approve or decline in your Organised Events list. This will free up the ability for others to apply to you.
  2. Your application closing date has arrived, you can extend this by telling us you wish to change the dates in your Business Details, and on the Exhibitor Packages if you entered sales dates in this too.  This change won’t affect those already being processed but it will ask latecomers to pay in full. HOWEVER - refrain from taking late applications as we cannot gaurentee their card will go through so you can be paid, but we can provide an alternative scheme for the odd one or two.

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