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Help! My event booking form has disappeared from the site!

Worry not, it has just been hidden until you take a bit of action in your dashboard:

  1. Sign in, go to Organised events 
  2. Ensure you have clicked approve or decline against each applicant, on ALL pages in your Exhibitors list.
  3. If these all have a decision against them, then check:
    1. Your application closing date - has it arrived­/gone?  You can extend this by changing the Exhibitor application deadline date under the Business Details section. 
    2. or/and check the date on the Exhibitor packages section, has the Sales end date has arrived?  Change the date and click save at the bottom of the page.
  4. If a particular trade stand package is showing as Sold Out, this is because you entered a Quantity Available figure for it in the Exhibitor packages section.   Alter the Qty avl and click save at the bottom of the screen - however, if you have a waiting list, it will inform all those who have wanted to apply, but could not do so due to you not having the stalls available on screen.  If you only wish to have a particular trader apply call us and we can set up a special package for them until you're au fait with how to do this.

HOWEVER - please refrain from taking very late applications. We cannot guarantee their card will go through, but we can provide Bacs ​payment for the odd one or two.

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