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How do I get access to my money and the payment details?

1. You need a bank account

2.You need a Stripe.com account to process your Exhibitors money into it.

Once you've creatd an event, link your profile account to Event Owl by clicking on your sign in name on our site and scrolling to the Blue button 'Connect with Stripe' on that page.

Transfers are made daily and are composed of the charges that were processed five - seven days prior. Example: August 1st charges are deposited by August 8th, and August 2nd charges are deposited by August 9th. Your first few bundles will take apx 10 - 14 days to reach your account.  This is due to Stripe always ensuring you've enough to refund an exhibitor.

*If we encounter a problem, we notify you in your dashboard under Organised events, against the exhibitor concerned and by email. You can also spot check your list from your Organised events page by clicking on All Exhibitors. We of course also notify the Exhibitor in a similar way.

Try to rectify the situation by asking the exhibitor to try again and again until one of their cards can be processed. Problems with card transactions are nothing new, those of us with debit/credit cards have all encountered issues from time to time, so we have done our best to alleviate this problem from you.  This also includes processing any balance due money for the deposit scheme we offer for your use.

You can view a list of all of your transfers as well as the date that they are expected to be received in your bank account from your Stripe dashboard.

Sadly, we cannot control an Exhibitors bank balance, if a payment fails to be taken, then we will do our utmost to chase this, but ultimately it may need a decision from yourself to 'Withdraw' the Exhibitor and resell the stand.

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