Event Owl | The national all-in-one website solution for event applications

I am happy with my system, why should I use Event Owl?

  • Most business owners, as this is what both traders and organisers are, like to do things quickly these days.  Especially given available mobile technology.  Leave it too long to change and it could prove costly in more ways than one.
  • Your competitors are working as hard as you to source exhibitors and increase their events footfall, they are moving to online trade stand application bookings - exhibitors will book with those who make their life easier - first.
  • Once an Exhibitor has their profile on Event Owl, they can make a provisional booking within two minutes or less. 
  • Your valued Exhibitors will not need to sit at their desks, in the small hours, filling in your paper form - yet again...or writing a cheque or sorting a bacs payment out.  They can book on their phone, at lunch, in a cafe or even on a beach!
  • The more events on the system, the more exhibitors will use the system, this will increase the opportunity for you to expedite taking bookings, find new exhibitors and retain your loyal exhibitors with maybe discounts/­deposit schemes. 
  • The system not only provides you with your own event page which you can pop onto your website, but we can set up; a register of interest form, tailor your application form, load images, logo's, send sales receipt, handle vat and send all applications to you - even to your mobile, on a beach, on a sunbed.  You'll need wi-fi/4G though ;)