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I keep getting reminders about my insurance - I've uploaded my new doc

We send insurance reminders based on the date box within your profile's Public Liability Insurance details area.

1. Have you changed the renewal date? We asked you to do this when uploading your new insurance document.  Please re-visit your profile and update the date.  Remember to click Update profile.


2. You might have created two accounts for some reason, and the reminders could be for the other account. Check the email address of where the reminder is being sent to, log in using that email address and alter the details on that profile. Then advise us which account you want to use and we will freeze the other one, you should not really have two accounts with us.

If you have multiple teams you can create separate profiles, each with their own insurance reminder.

Do not send us your new insurance details expecting us to load these for you, we will not do this. This is simply because the system virus checks all documents being loaded via your log in details.

Further information can be found here, which is the link we include on the email reminders.

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