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I need certain forms filling in for my event

Several ways – either give your H & S Officer your Event Owl log in details so they can go in and check the exhibitor information for your event, OR simply print off the application form and risk assessment of each exhibitor OR of course you’ll have access on your tablet/phone if you have a decent wi-fi signal­/4G. 

If you have special forms you require your Exhibitors to fill in and send (not your application forms - yet - we're working on this ;)) you can add these to your Exhibitor Packages area.  Just ensure they attach them with their application - if they have not then advise them to do the following:

1. Sign in

2. Under the Exhibitors tab, select 'Your purchases and applications'

3. Click 'View/Edit' on the application form in question

4. Click 'Edit application' at the top of the copy application form

5. At the bottom of the application there is a section marked 'Upload documents' where if they click the pink button, the system will open up the files on their device where they can select to open (which adds - don't ask why it says open instead of add - its an Internet thing!) the document they require to send you.  This will place a copy of that document into that area of the form.

6. They MUST click Save at the bottom of that application page, the system will then update the application form in your list. 

Due to ALL card payments being designed to take payment for one order per transaction, you cannot alter the sums of the order total in any form.  If this situation occurs, just call us and we will guide you through how to correct this issue until you are au fait with how to do this yourself.

Unless you are a Premium Package Organiser we do not check risk assessments or insurance summaries.

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