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I've applied for an event and forgot to use my promotion code.

What to do:

If you have applied for a trade stand but not been approved as yet:

  1. Follow the 'Withdraw' procedure immediately and drop the organiser an email to tell them of the error.  
  2. Then re-apply.
  3. Use your promotional code when you get to check out. Click on 'Apply' next to it which will add your discount/­promotion offer to the total.
  4. Then at the bottom of the order click 'Apply Now'.

If you've already been approved:

  1. Notify the organiser who can apply this retros­pec­ti­vely.  
  2. If you paid a deposit, discounts can only be applied once the full payment has been made, the organiser can set this up for you at any time between your paying the deposit and balance due.
  3. If you paid in full, and the money has been taken, the Organiser can also, as a last resort, issue you with a refund.

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