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My database of exhibitors took years of hard work to build, I don't wa

How did you start to create your current database?

Did you search the web for potential exhibitors, visit other events, track down show guides of events to speak to potential exhibitors? 

Technology's a funny thing - it makes it very easy for us organisers to search for events - and their exhibitors.  Your competitors events will no doubt already have been to your event physically and spoken to your own traders.  There are also Social Media feeds which event organisers browse, looking for comments from your traders. We know, this is how we built up our own event trader lists!  So 'protecting' a database is a complete waste of time and not worth stressing over.  If a competing event organiser wants to know who trades at your event - they will find out. 

Your job is to concentrate your time and effort on making YOUR event the one all traders WANT to trade at!

Hence Event Owl came about. The 'sharing' of exhibitors frees up organisers from having to do this pretty laborious task. Although its pretty fun to go to other events occasionally for ideas and sole seeking - it eats away at your time, and time as we all know is money.

So, we do NOT give our database to anyone - even third party advertisers, exhibiting business CHOOSE to sign up with us, THEY choose which events they want to go to. How you make your event of interest to traders is up to you.

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