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Tips n Tricks

Sometimes we are asked questions by our organisers that might be of use to everyone else.

As our user organisers will know, if feedback is given about our system, and its a viable addition or tweak, we either fix it or develop it.

Here are a few tips that might help you when using our system:


How can I add the header rows of my spreadsheets to every printed page?

This is dependent of the software version you are using, and you need to use Excel to perform this function - which is available for Mac/Apple as an application, but here is the answer:

Print row or column titles on every page

  1. Open the Excel spreadsheet
  2. Click on the sheet you want to print.
  3. Hide/delete any columns you do not require – Event Owls spreadsheets are always live so you can re-download if you make a mistake and try again.
  4. On the Page Layout tab on the tool bar, in the Page Setup group, click Page Setup.
  5. Under Print Titles, click in Rows to repeat at top or Columns to repeat at left and select the column or row that contains the titles you want to repeat.
  6. Click OK.
  7. On the File menu, click Print.


How can I screen grab a whole page of my website?

We found a really nice add-in in Google Chrome to tackle the task.  Click the link here which will take you to the info you need