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Todmorden Country Fair

"2017 see’s the birth of a brand new event in Todmorden, and we are delighted to pass the headache of amassing, controlling, and processing Exhibitors, onto Event Owl. An easy to use online system, which handles the mountains of ‘paperwork’ the Fair is creating."

The paperless system means I can view a booking, check ALL the Exhibitor’s details and see actual ‘paperwork’, without having to deal with missing bits.

Event Owl takes the Exhibitors information [Risk Assessments, Public Liability Insurance, Payment etc] and, until it’s all complete, stops full acceptance until the paperwork is correct. We simply check it over as required for Health and Safety purposes.

On event day I would normally have to try and sort through a hundred plus traders physical papers to get any missing boxes ticked, whilst trying to park, build and deal with stock, ALL at the same time. Event Owl allows us to tick those box weeks before, whilst traders know of our decision quicker, have their sales receipts pre-show, and their paperwork trail kept in order. The ease of dealing with them on the day is great.

Julie and her team have been very helpful, not only building our booking needs but providing guidance on all aspects of how to ‘offer’ differing pitches, deposit scheme, applying discounts and many other ideas she has seen work for other event organisers, and which could help me.

In this day and age the return speed on all communications is excellent - does this girl ever stop working?

Happy to be involved thanks for making so much chasing around simply go away. All the best for the future

Mike Hall


2016 - 2017