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What you need to know first

Event Owl is a new and unique way to attract and process Exhibitors.  It is the only open access system on the market i.e. the only site where Exhibitors can search, view, book, manage, store details and pay for an exhibitor stand, on one site, on the internet.

It's to be expected that technology still baffles a lot of people.  So when you are changing over from a paper based system - to any new software, expect hesitation and reluctance to embrace.  We have a paper version of the main application form in the Downloads area in the footer of the site, and a generic Risk Assessment.  

Just print and send this form, or the link to those wishing to pay by phone or other means, and we can handle their requests. A small one off admin fee is charged for each form and paperwork converted for each Exhibitor. Though as we've found most have a good go at loading their own details first.

You will benefit from being placed in front of Exhibitors whom you've never heard of and visa versa. It acts a community based platform.  There is no sharing of Organiser databases required, each benefits the other by having their event listed and each's exhibitors can see everyone's events.  Loyal exhibitors will remain, some will also go and many new one's will replace. The more event Organisers use the system, the faster the Exhibitor database will grow, this means the quicker you'll attract Exhibitors.  

How does Event Owl work?

Event Owl runs in a similar fashion to ticketing websites for delegates/­visitors, but for trader Exhibitors  

  • Our pay as you use system means no monthly expenditure - regardless of how many bookings you receive.
  • Your applications, their status, all documents and financial data are kept in simple to use formats.
  • Our email notifiers advise you and your exhibitors about; new order's, an application's status, card errors, balance payment reminders and insurance renewal reminders, so less emailing and less chasing is required at both sides.
  • Manage your trader applications 24/7 with wifi or 4G connection on any device.
  • Registered exhibitors can search, book, pay and manage their account, in under two minutes, on any device, 
  • Communicate easily with your individual exhibitors or export data for mass mailing.
  • Option to send over your existing spreadsheets and data to us to speed up your first bookings.
  • Simply check the application and click the approve button and we do the rest.
  • Our secure payment gateway pays your exhibitors money straight into your bank account, we can send your event finance information direct to your own accounting software too.
  • Attract existing and new trade exhibitors straight away from your own and our database of Exhibitors
  • Benefit from our promotion and social media campaigns aimed at Exhibitors/­Sponsors/­Activities and Artists
  • Capitalise on your next event by taking bookings immediately after your last
  • Packages to suit any event/­fair/­market/­festival/­show

Other Benefits

Both Organiser and Exhibitor benefit from simplified financial and application admin management, with deposit schemes, promotion discounts, easy to access sales receipts, vat calculations, the saving of documents into the cloud and other useful updates.  Allowing more time to spend on business, or with family and friends.  

Time saving is approximately twenty five minutes per form - be this paper based or independent online application.

Our team have over twenty five years proven experience as event organisers and exhibitors, meaning both parties can be assured of understanding support with access to further business and event support from our contacts in the industry.

Our system is custom designed and held in secure datacenters across the UK and Europe, backed up hourly.

Firm up your bottom week by week...

All events need a good firm bottom - bottom line we mean!

  • Capitalise on your Exhibitors success at your last event by attracting them to apply early for your next.  Use our deposit and/or discount scheme and start generating cashflow earlier
  • Sell your stands in various size formats and link/upload your site map to allow Exhibitors a choice of stand type.
  • Financial information is available at your finger tips at all times into many different accounting packages.


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