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One of my Exhibitors payments has been declined, what do I do?

Firstly, these things happen, but happily not very often in the total turnover of our exhibitor bookings.  Usually it's down to a very honest miscalculation by the Exhibitor, which had led to a cash flow isssue.  We provide the error code to give you both more of an idea as to why it's happened in your dashboards.

If you have set up a deposit scheme (which we close seven weeks before your event, the balance due being two weeks after, this closure) we send several reminder emails to your Exhibitors. If on the balance due date their card fails we flag this up to both you and them.  Three days later we will automatically reattempt payment.  

In any card payment failure encounter, if an Exhibitor calls you please refer them to the Exhibitor FAQ's where full instructions are provided as to how they can settle their account.  If the account is settled before we reattempt, then it stops the reattempt payment.  Both yourself and our team can see every attempt made to pay in your Stripe dashboard.  We rarely have system failures by the way as we work on several, separatly located, secure servers.  Contact us and we will call them for a card payment or source funds another route. Like you, we have no control over an Exhibitors bank balance or financial handling of their affairs. You should start to look at replacing this exhibitor in case they still fail to make a payment. We can but lead the horse to water.

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